Archives for December 2017

Gas prices are higher

Mississippi gas prices are ending the year slightly up from the end of 2016. The latest Triple-A Daily Fuel Gauge Report shows today’s average price of two-21 a gallon is about eleven-cents higher than last year. The good news is the average is about a quarter below the U.S. mark.

Troopers out in force

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is rebooting its holiday enforcement period after doing the same last week for Christmas. Increased patrols on the state’s highways and roads will begin tomorrow night at six o’clock and run through midnight on New Year’s Day. Be prepared for unannounced checkpoints throughout the state.

Freezing rain expected New Year’s Eve

A freezing rain is greeting the end of the year across Mississippi. Forecasters are calling for unpleasant conditions to ring in the New Year on Sunday night. Lows will dip into the teens as we enter 2018. Unfortunately for revelers, Sunday is the best chance of rain.

West Point power outage

Officials in West Point say a power breaker may have been what caused a temporary power outage in the city yesterday. Officials say about six blocks in the city were affected for about a half-hour. Several residents reported hearing a loud boom around the time of the outage.

Bringing back the paddle

Students who misbehave in one Mississippi school district could receive the paddle again. The Greenville Public School District trustees are considering a proposal that would allow parents to give permission for corporal punishment.

Cracking down on dog fighting

State Senator Bob Dearing says he’ll be leading a fight to crack down harder on dog fighting in the state. Dearing said he’ll propose a bill to fine fight organizers one-thousand-dollars and sentence them to one year in prison per dog, up to 25 years.

Starkville man arrested for discharging a weapon

A Starkville man arrested for firing a weapon in the city. Dwauntario Reed was arrested for discharging a firearm and possession of a weapon by a felon. Police say Reed tried to flee, but was caught and arrested.

Robbery suspected arrested after Christmas Eve tip

A man has been arrested for a series of robberies in Calhoun County. A Christmas Eve tip led to the arrest of Ronald Ruth Tuesday night. Police found a stolen motorcycle at his home and other stolen items. He also faces drug charges.

Southern Miss in Independence Bowl

Southern Miss players will wear a special decal on their helmets for today’s Independence Bowl game in Baton Rouge.. The Golden Eagles will honor the 177th Armored Brigade’s Distinctive Unit Insignia when they face Florida State. Kickoff is 12:30 on ESPN.

Good crowds at Mississippi’s new museums

Good crowds are turning out for the first two weeks of the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Officials say more than 15-thousand people have toured the exhibits at the two museums since they opened December 9th. The Christmas holiday weekend reportedly drew in thousands of visitors.