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Gov. Bryant maintains opposition to Syrian refugees

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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant says he’ll keep up his oppositon to letting Syrian refugees settle here.

Bryant’s one of more than two dozen governors, mostly Republicans, who say they’ll fight the Obama administration’s efforts to resettle up to 10,000 Syrian refugees in the country this fiscal year.

The governors say they don’t trust the screening process for the Syrians in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.

Mississippi drivers who go over the river and through the woods are paying less for gas than almost anyone else in the nation.
The average price for gasoline’s the lowest in years.
Right now it’s just under $2 a gallon, almost 80 cents a gallon cheaper than what it cost to fill up last year.
That’s the lowest it’s been for Thanksgiving since 2004.

While it may be cheaper to drive the highways this year, the state highway patrol also wants to keep it safer.

The highway patrol enforcement period’s underway. You can expect to see more state troopers out until Sunday at midnight.

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LeFlore man charged with murder

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Violence between roommates has left one LeFlore County man dead and another in jail.

Fifty nine year old Billy Cooper’s charged with murder for allegedly shooting his roommate.

The shooting happened over the weekend.

When Mississippi State takes on Ole Miss this Saturday for the coveted Egg Bowl, there’ll be a little politicing going on, and probably some national exposure.

Presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’ll be in Starkville for the big game.

Bush plans to do some tailgating before the kickoff.

Mississippi’s primary for the 2016 presidential race is March 8.

A Mississippi college senior has become the first African American woman from the state to become a Rhodes Scholar.

Ericka Wheeler is a double major in English and history.
She has plans to become a doctor.

Millsaps College in Jackson announced that Wheeler was chosen as one of 32 U.S. men and women who will enter Oxford University next fall for postgraduate study

Now you’re up to date in B100 County.
I’m Ron Brown

Polar Express starts in Batesville

The Polar Express begins running today in Batesville.

This marks the first time it has run on the Grenada Railway.

United Way agencies in Leflore Co. to receive anonymous gift

An anonymous national donor has given a grant for all of the agencies associated with the United Way of Leflore County to share.

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports the grant cannot go towards the United Way’s general operation, and its total amount remains sealed.

Each agency receives a check to make up for this year’s drop in allocation money, as well as tangible goods that each director identifies.

Head Start suspended in six counties

Parents in six counties continue scrambling following the cancellation of Head Start classes.

WCBI-TV reports the abrupt halting of Head Start and early Head Start in Attala, Carroll, Choctaw, Holmes, Montgomery, and Webster counties.

Central Mississippi Incorporated has received a suspension as the program operator in these counties.

The new operator comes from Denver. It says it keeps working as quickly as possible to restore classes, but it must hire new staff, find new vendors, and receive state approval to run child care centers.

No one has explained the reason for the change.

Roof repairs for Greenwood schools may cost nearly $8M

Greenwood’s superintendent has informed the school board that roof repairs for the district would total nearly $8 million.

He says some of the roofs do leak from time to time.

The board has approved giving the list to the state.

Greenwood police chief blames holidays for crime increase

Greenwood’s police chief has blamed the holidays for the recent increase in crime.

He says the department continues working to identify people who cameras have caught breaking into vehicles.

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports the chief telling the city council that the law prevents police from holding juveniles for extended periods. That explains why the department has arrested several of them multiple times.

Billboard targets Ole Miss over state falg

Supporters for the state flag have put up a billboard directed at Ole Miss.

It stands above Highway 6 between Panola and Lafayette counties.

The billboard from Our State Flag Foundation reads “Ole Miss: You take your money, you fly our flag.”

The foundation believes a state-funded university should fly the state flag.

It has written a petition on that has approximately 3,000 signatures.

ACLU offers governor message on refugees

The ACLU of Mississippi wants the governor to welcome Syrian refugees that have fled ISIS.

It has acknowledged that the governor has the difficult job of protecting the safety of the state’s people.

However, it wants him to respect the federal government’s responsibility for setting refugee policy.

Man charged with North Greenwood burglary

Police have arrested a man following a home burglary in North Greenwood.

The chief says it happened with people at home on Crockett Avenue.

Police claim it took place in a garage apartment that works as an art studio and game room next to the main house.

They have identified the accused as 19-year-old Johnathan Jones.