Archives for June 2013

Airport gets grant money

Uncle Sam is helping out with upgrades at the Greenwood-Leflore Airport. Airtport manager Bardin Redditt told the Greenwood Commonwealth that the Federal Aviation Administration has awarded a 270-thousand dollar grant for the to pay for widening the taxiway. The grant requires the airports owners, the city of Greenwood and Leflore County to match 10 percent of the money.

County unemployment rates in

County unemployment rates for May are in. According to the Mississippi Department of Employment Securities, the jobless rate in Carroll was at eight-point-three percent; Yalobusha, nine-point-five; Grenada, nine-point-six, Montgomery and Panola, both 12-even; Tallahatchie, 12-point-five and Leflore, 13-point-six percent.

Mississippi’s smart cities

Two of the 100 smartest cities in the country are in Mississippi. That’s according to Lumosity, a company that develops brain-training exercises and collected data on five cognitive performance area to coming up with its rankings. Starkville came in at number 34 and Oxford was ranked 74th.

State House reauthorizes Medicaid

It looks like Mississippi’s Medicaid program will still be around next week. On Thursday, the House passed a reauthorization bill shortly after convening a special session. The earliest the measure can go to the state Senate is today. The current Medicaid program is set to expire at midnight Sunday, when the current fiscal year ends.

Same-sex marriage rulings

Members of Mississippi’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community are hopeful that things will change in the state following two U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Wednesday. The decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 pave the way for same-sex marriage and federal recognition of the practice. However, a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman remains the law in Mississippi.

Special session

A special session of the Mississippi legislature begins at 10 o’clock this morning. Governor Phil Bryant called lawmakers back to the Capitol to authorize the continuation of Medicaid beyond June 30th, the end of the current budget year. That did not get done during the regular session because of a partisan dispute. Medicaid currently provides health insurance for more than 644-thousand needy Mississippians; Democrats want to cover another 300-thousand working poor but Republicans say they state can’t afford it.

Voter ID on the way

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling means Mississippi voters could have to start showing photo identification at the polls by the middle of next year. That word from Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. The high court decided that certain state and local governments no longer need federal approval to change election laws.

Leflore school plan okayed

The Leflore County School District has a plan to get off probation and it has now been approved by the state Board of Education. However, the plan is just the first step, establishing a time fram for the district to comply with state requirements. Leflore will remain on probation until it shows it has complied with all mandatory regulations.

Election results challenged

The results of the June 4th mayoral election in Greenwood are being challenged. According to the Greenwood Commonwealth, Sheriel Perkins is asking a Leflore County judge to declare her the winner of the election based on alleged voter fraud or order a new election. Perkins lost to incumbent Carolyn McAdams by 206 votes and claims that illegal votes were counted for McAdams and lawful votes were not counted for her.

Special session

State lawmakers are heading back to Jackson this week. Governor Phil Bryant has called a special session, asking lawmakers to reauthorize Medicaid to exist beyond June 30th and approve Medicaid’s budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1st. The session begins at 10 AM Thursday.