Archives for July 2011

Sardis Lake Proposal Panned by Delta Council

The Delta Council is opposing a 3-year effort to bring a $240 million development to the southeast part of Sardis Lake, saying if the development proceeds, Greenwood would lose its flood protection. The concern is that condo owners would insist on water levels being kept up int the winter, when the lake is allowed to run down so it can hold spring runoff. Developers and the town of Sardis say the development location is around a trapped pool area where the water level is already fairly constant.

Grenada School Registration This Week

If you have a kindergartener starting school in Grenada this year, it’s time to register them. Today through Wednesday is the designated registration time for kindergarteners and other new elementary students in Grenada schools, which start class August 4th. It’s happening daily from 8am to 4pm. You’ll need shot records, ID, and proof of residency. High School Registration is Friday the 29th.

Eupora Blood Drive Today

Summer is one of the worst periods for blood donations each year — the need jumps because of all the travel people do during the season, and all that travel takes regular donors out of the picture, tightening supply. Today is your opportunity to do something about it. Mississippi Blood Services is holding a blood drive in Eupora today from 11 am to 6 pm at the SuperValu. You’re welcome to drop by — no appointment is needed.

Batesvill Job Fair Held

Officials expect more than 40 employees found at least one good-quality job candidate during the annual Batesville Job Fair yesterday. Some of those employees may even be starting work today. And not a moment too son, considering unemployment in Panola county has been hovering about 11.8 percent for more than a year. Yesterday’s was the seventh annual Governor’s Job Fair, held at the civic center in Batesville.

MDPS “Regulating New Gun Law Out of Existence”

The change in the gun laws earlier this month was supposed to make it possible for permit-holders to carry in more places. But lawmakers say the department of public safety is dragging its feet, countering the intent of the bill. First, the department won’t recognize training taken before July 1st as appropriate for the expanded-carry permit requirements. And the department hasn’t named any instructors, said what the training will cost, or even when classes will be available.

New Band Halls in Calhoun City, Bruce

The new band halls in Bruce and Calhoun City are finished. The Bruce Band Hall has been built just since school got out in May, with the old one torn down and the new one rising like a phoenix from the very same concrete slab. 3-mill money was used for both facilities….money that had to be spent by the end of this summer. School officials say both facilities should increase pride in the programs.