Little Sturgis

Hundreds of people came out to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally on Saturday to look at the bikes and listen to live music.
This is the 19th year for the rally which was revived 4 years ago.
This event began on Friday, but according to the mayor, many people didn’t stick around due to the bad weather. Motorcycle groups and charities lined the streets to watch as bikes rolled up and down the center of town.

Noted Circuit Court Judge Dies

A Mississippi judge whose lengthy career in law earned him the respect of lawyers all over Mississippi died Friday. Retired Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey died at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Calhoun City after being hospitalized for heart problems. In 2007, Lackey made national headlines when he wore a wire for the FBI after being approached by former attorney Timothy Balducci asking him to rule in favor of then-attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs in exchange for $40,000. Lackey immediately contacted the FBI and the lengthy investigation eventually led to prison sentences for Scruggs, Balducci and several other attorneys. He was 83 years old.

Tourism Tax Bill Goes On The Ballot

The Grenada City Council unanimously passed a referendum to place the one per cent tourism tax increase on the ballot for Tuesday, October 2. The referendum would allow the city to place an additional tax on hotels-motels, restaurants and bars. The current law became effective in August of 1992, and charges one percent on restaurants and two percent on city motels. The new law, if approved by the voters would result in a two percent tax on food and alcohol in restaurants, and a three percent tax on motels.

Tallahatchie Has A New Sheriff

After the resignation of William Brewer as Tallahatchie County Sheriff, the County Board of Supervisors appointed Jimmy Fly as their new Sheriff. Brewer, 58, of Oakland, was arrested by FBI agents last Friday morning and charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and extortion and bribery. In court, U.S. Magistrate Judge Roy Percy gave Brewer a $25,000 secured bond and granted him house arrest, so he’ll be wearing an ankle bracelet.

Chad Kelly Moves Up

He did a rehab stint at East Mississippi Community College…Last Chance U…then two seasons with the Ole Miss Rebels. Chad Kelly is now moving up the depth chart in Denver. After a solid effort in the Broncos preseason game against the Vikings Saturday night, Kelly has now slid into the 2nd string spot behind Case Keenum. Kelly was the last man taken in the 2017 NFL draft.

Two Seats Still Open

According to Grenada County Circuit Clerk, Michelle Redditt-Garcia, no one has expressed any interest in running for two local leadership seats. The holder of the current District Four School Board position is Marjorie Hughes, who has held the position since 2012. The current holder of the District Four Election Commissioner seat is Elizabeth Moore. Moore was appointed to the seat last month following the resignation of Rhonda Hubbard. The school board and election commissioners race will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Former Sheriff Resigns and Has Bond Hearing

According to court records, the former sheriff of Tallahatchie County, William Brewer, shielded a drug dealer for a cut of the money for over 15 years. Brewer, 58, of Oakland, was charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance from June of 2003 to June of 2018, plus extortion and bribery in violation of the Hobbs Act, from June to July of 2018. Brewer, who was wearing a prison-orange jumpsuit for his Tuesday court appearance, was sheriff in Tallahatchie for more than 20 years until his resignation.

The former sheriff was given a $25,000 bond Tuesday and will be placed on pretrial supervised probation and home detention while he wears an ankle bracelet until his trial date. He is not to possess a gun, not excessive use of alcohol, and he cannot commit a crime or leave north Mississippi. He is to seek employment, he can only leave his house for that employment, to attend church, attend court hearings, meet with an attorney, or other pre-approved reasons by the probation officer.

Governor Shares Prison Successes With President

There was a roundtable discussion this week in Washington. Governor Phil Bryant met with the President to talk prison reform, and share Mississippi’s successes. Mississippi’s corrections and criminal justice reforms have saved state taxpayers $40 million since 20-14, while maintaining public safety. The governor also shared how faith-based prison ministries have given prisoners hope again.

Murder Suspect Found Not Guilty

In circuit court on Thursday a Grenada man was found not guilty in a murder trial. The jury took just 10 minutes to set 46-year-old Gregory Meeks free for the 2016 stabbing death of Floyd Golliday. Golliday, who was stabbed 17 times, was found inside a home on Bell Street in February of 2016. He died just a few hours later at a hospital in Jackson. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Golliday covered in blood, but still alive. He did not tell officers who attacked him. Police also found Meeks inside the home, but he testified that he returned to the house and found Golliday in that condition.

City Officials: “Enough”

City officials have said, enough! The clothing drive that helped the victims of last month’s Dogwood Park fire has ended…quite successfully too. Community Service Director Cassandra Liddell said that the outpouring of support from the folks in Grenada was so overwhelming that at one point the Lewis Johnson Senior Complex was filled wall-to-wall with clothing. Grenada showed up big.